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Hongqi Rsearch & Development

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R&D Layout

New Hongqi continuously injects strong technical vitality. In order to meet the requirements of controlling and applying the latest global technology, Hongqi has established a global R&D
layout of “four countries and ten places” with Changchun as its headquarters.

In Nanjing, the Hongqi (Nanjing) Technology Development Company was established to attract domestic talents in the field of artificial intelligence, focusing on the research of forward-looking networked technologies such as artificial intelligence; in Hainan, there was a Hainan Vehicle testing company, which is a domestic technology leader in vehicle corrosion and aging. Environmental adaptability characteristic test base; In Shandong, the construction of the East China (Dongying) Intelligent Connected Vehicle Test Ground was launched, which will build a world-class R&D and test platform for smart cars and smart transportation. China Hongqi has gathered top technical talents from all over the world and established a global outstanding R&D team of more than 5,000 people. In addition, in order to meet the top quality standards of the New Hongqi, China Hongqi has formulated a world-leading R&D system and development and test procedures.

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New Hongqi, innovative manufacturing. Hongqi H Smart Factory: owns the worlds leading intelligent, flexible and digital production lines to ensure world-class quality. Hongqi L Customization Center: It has the worlds leading island-style manufacturing equipment, master-level hand stitching, carving and mirror craftsmanship, to create the worlds top private customized exclusive products and VIP services.

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